The Transmuted Odd Lindley-G Family of Distributions

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Hesham Reyad
Farrukh Jamal
Soha Othman
G. G. Hamedani


We propose a new generator of univariate continuous distributions with two extra parameters called the transmuted odd-Lindley generator which extends the odd Lindely-G family introduced by Gomes-Silva et al. [1]. Some mathematical properties of the new generator such as, the ordinary and incomplete moments, generating function, stress strength model, Rényi entropy, probability weighted moments and order statistics are investigated. Certain characterisations of the proposed family are estimated. We discuss the maximum likelihood estimates and the observed information matrix for the model parameters. The potentiality of the new family is illustrated by means of five applications to real data sets.


Characterizations, maximum likelihood, Odd Lindley-G family, order statistic, stress strength model, Transmuted-G family

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Reyad, H., Jamal, F., Othman, S., & G. Hamedani, G. (2018). The Transmuted Odd Lindley-G Family of Distributions. Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, 1(3), 1-25.
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