Lomax Weibull Distribution

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Benjamin Apam
Nasiru Suleman
Emmanuel Adjei


In this article, we introduce the Lomax-Weibull (LoW) distribution using the method of composition of CDFs from the Lomax and Weibull distributions. Expressions for the moment generating function, hazard and survival functions were derived. A plot of the probability distribution function and cumulative distributions were done using the Python software. We also used the maximum likelihood method of estimation to derive the score functions for estimating the parameters of the distribution.

Lomax-Weibull distribution, composition of CDFs, moments, maximum likelihood estimation, hazard rate function, survivor function.

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Apam, B., Suleman, N., & Adjei, E. (2019). Lomax Weibull Distribution. Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, 5(3), 1-18. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajpas/2019/v5i330137
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