Intervention Time Series Modeling of Infant Mortality: Impact of Free Maternal Health Care

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J. Kisabuli
J. Ong'ala
E. Odero


Infant mortality is an important marker of the overall society health. The 3rd goal of the Sustainable Development Goals aims at reducing infant deaths that occur due to preventable causes by 2030. Due to increased infant mortality the Kenyan government introduced Free Maternal Health Care as an intervention towards reducing infant mortality through elimination of the cost burden of accessing medical care by the mother and the infant. The study examines the impact of Free Maternal Health Care on infant mortality using Intervention time series analysis particularly the intervention Box Jenkins ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average) model. There was significant support that Free Maternal Health Care had a significant impact on infant mortality which was estimated to be a decrease of 10.15% in infant deaths per month.

Infant mortality, maternal health care, intervention time series analysis, Box Jenkins ARIMA model

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Kisabuli, J., Ong’ala, J., & Odero, E. (2020). Intervention Time Series Modeling of Infant Mortality: Impact of Free Maternal Health Care. Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, 8(4), 38-47.
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