Wiener Index of Fuzzy Graph by Using Strong Domination

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Saqr H. AL- Emrany
Mahiuob M. Q. Shubatah


Aims/ Objectives: This paper presents a new method to calculate the Wiener index of a fuzzy graph by using strong domination number s of a fuzzy graph G. This method is more useful than other methods because it saves time and eorts and doesn't require more calculations, if the edges number is very larg (n). The Wiener index of some standard fuzzy graphs are investigated. At last, we nd the relationship between strong domination number s and the average (G) of a fuzzy graph G was studied with suitable examples.

Fuzzy graph, strong domination, Wiener index.

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Emrany, S. H. A.-, & Shubatah, M. M. Q. (2021). Wiener Index of Fuzzy Graph by Using Strong Domination. Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, 10(3), 13-24.
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