Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Model for Prioritizing Alternative Strategies for Malaria Control

Joel Simon, Ali Adamu, Ahmed Abdulkadir, Akpensuen Shiaondo Henry

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Non-surgical Management of Large Periapical Lesions with the Agreement Evaluation of the Methods

B. G. M. Lakmali, Lakshika S. Nawarathna, M. C. N. Fonseka

Page: 1-11
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Estimation of Non-smooth Functionals in Hilbert Sample Space Using the Edgeworth Expansions

M. M. Kololi, G. O. Orwa, J. K. Mung’atu, R. O. Odhiambo

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An Updated Algorithm for Moderate Censoring in Time-to-Event Data Using Rank-based Regression

Milind A. Phadnis

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Modelling Nigeria Naria Exchange Rate against Some Selected Country’s Currencies Volatility: Application of GARCH Model

Ajayi Abdulhakeem, Samuel Olorunfemi Adams, Rafiu Olayinka Akano

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