On the Topp Leone Exponentiated-G Family of Distributions: Properties and Applications

Sule Ibrahim, Sani Ibrahim Doguwa, Isah Audu, Jibril Haruna Muhammad

Page: 1-15
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Properties and Applications of a Transmuted Power Gompertz Distribution

Innocent Boyle Eraikhuemen, Adana’a Felix Chama, Abraham Iorkaa Asongo, Bassa Shiwaye Yakura, Abdul Haruna Bala

Page: 41-58
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Modeling Fluctuation of the Price of Crude Oil in Nigeria Using ARCH, ARCH-M Models

Titus Eli Monday, Ahmed Abdulkadir

Page: 16-40
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Multivariate Statistical Methods Used in Population Genetics

Maman Laouali Adamou Ibrahim, Oumarou Zango, Maman Maarouhi Inoussa, Soulé Moussa, Yacoubou Bakasso

Page: 59-70
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