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Development of Estimation Procedure of Population Variance in Stratified Randomized Response Technique

Nadia Mushtaq, Iram Saleem

Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, Page 1-8
DOI: 10.9734/ajpas/2020/v9i230221

Singh et al. (2016) presented a ratio and regression estimators of population variance of a sensitive variable using auxiliary information based on randomized response technique (RRT). In this article, the RRT is considered in stratified random sampling for the estimation of variance. A generalized class of estimators of variance in stratified RRT is proposed and derive the procedure of variance estimation in stratified RRT. The expression of the bias and mean square error are expressed. The empirical findings support the soundness of proposed scheme of variance estimation.

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A New Improved Adomian Decomposition Method for Solving Emden{Fowler Type Equations of Higher{Order

Zainab Ali Abdu AL-Rabahi, Yahya Qaid Hasan

Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, Page 9-17
DOI: 10.9734/ajpas/2020/v9i230222

In this paper, we present a suggested modification for Adomain decomposition method to solve Emden{Fowler Types Equations of higher-order ordinary differential equations. The proposed method can be applied to linear and non-linear problems. By using some illustrative examples, we tested the reliability and effectiveness of the proposed method and we found that the obtained results approximate the exact solution. Thus, we can conclude that this proposed method is efficient and reliable .

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A Study of Some Properties and Goodness-of-Fit of a Gompertz-Rayleigh Model

Fadimatu Bawuro Mohammed, Kabiru Ahmed Manju, Umar Kabir Abdullahi, Makama Musa Sani, Samson Kuje

Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, Page 18-31
DOI: 10.9734/ajpas/2020/v9i230223

The Rayleigh was obtained from the amplitude of sound resulting from many important sources by Rayleigh. It is continuous probability distribution with a wide range of applications such as in life testing experiments, reliability analysis, applied statistics and clinical studies. However, it is not flexible enough for modeling heavily skewed datasets as compared to compound distributions. In this paper, we introduce a new extension of the Rayleigh distribution by using a Gompertz-G family of distributions. This paper defines and studies a three-parameter distribution called “Gompertz-Rayleigh distribution”. Some properties of the proposed distribution are derived and discussed comprehensively in this paper and the three parameters are estimated using the method of maximum likelihood estimation. The goodness-of-fit of the proposed distribution is also evaluated by fitting it in comparison with some other existing distributions using a real life data.

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Analysis of Organizational Communication on Employees’ Performance: A Case Study of Selected Deposit Banks in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Robinson Amos Ibuchi, Inamete Emem Ndah H., Chinyem Uzoamaka Esther

Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, Page 32-42
DOI: 10.9734/ajpas/2020/v9i230224

This work was conducted to investigate performance and structure of Nigerian banks. Based on existing literature, M-form theory was used to explain possible impact of structure variables based on number of bank department, branches and workers on performance that was measured using “profit after tax”. Corporate or business governance variable were measured using number of banks board members as control variable using five banks operating in Nigeria banking sector within fifteen year period that ranged from 2001-2015. The result revealed that the entire structure variables used are positively associated or related to performance. Again, it was noticed that structure variables which are “bank division/department, bank branches” are positively and significantly impacted on banks performance while number of workers positively and insignificantly affected banks performance. Corporate governance variable which was introduced showed that number of members of Directors was equally positive and significant statistically.

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Valuation of Agricultural Commodity in an Unstructured Nigerian Market Using Black-Scholes’ Model

Onyegbuchulem Chialuka Adline, Nwobi Felix Noyanim, Onyegbuchulem Besta Okey

Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, Page 43-50
DOI: 10.9734/ajpas/2020/v9i230225

This paper investigates the pricing accuracy of the Black-Scholes’ model in an unstructured over-the-counter Nigerian agricultural commodity market. Rice prices were valued using the Black-Scholes’ equation. The model’s predicted prices were compared with the market observed prices. Data for the study was sourced from food prices watch from January, 2017 - February, 2020 from National Bureau of Statistics. The result of the study shows that the prices produced by the Black-Scholes’ model provides a good match with the market observed prices. There is also a positive and significant correlation between the Black-Scholes’ model and market observed prices. Recommendation was made that Black-Scholes’ model should be used as an efficient model for pricing derivatives contracts of Nigerian local securities.