A Simulation Study of Bayesian Estimator for Seemingly Unrelated Regression under Different Distributional Assumptions

Ojo O. Oluwadare, Owonipa R. Oluremi, Enesi O. Lateifat

Page: 1-8
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Prediction of Cases of Infection and Deaths Caused by COVID-19 in Mexico through the Construction of Probabilistic Models under Health Conditions in 2020

Juan Bacilio Guerrero Escamilla, Sócrates López Pérez, Yamile Rangel Martínez

Page: 9-21
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State-Transition Model for Malaria Symptoms

Drinold Aluda Mbete, Kennedy Nyongesa

Page: 22-46
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Evaluating Measure of Modified Rotatability for Second Degree Polynomial Design Using Balanced Incomplete Block Designs

P. Jyostna, B. Re. Victor Babu

Page: 47-59
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Do Prior Type and Sample Size have Effect on Mixtures of Normal? The Monte Carlo evidence

Ojo O. Oluwadare, Enesi O. Lateifat, Owonipa R. Oluremi

Page: 60-71
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