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Robustness Test of Selected Estimators of Linear Regression with Autocorrelated Error Term: A Monte-Carlo Simulation Study

Rauf Ibrahim Rauf, Okoli Juliana Ifeyinwa, Haruna Umar Yahaya

Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, Page 1-17
DOI: 10.9734/ajpas/2021/v15i230348

Assumptions in the classical linear regression model include that of lack of autocorrelation of the error terms and the zero covariance between the explanatory variable and the error terms. This study is channeled towards the estimation of the parameters of the linear models for both time series and cross-sectional data when the above two assumptions are violated. The study used the Monte-Carlo simulation method to investigate the performance of six estimators: ordinary least square (OLS), Prais-Winsten (PW), Cochrane-Orcutt (CC), Maximum Likelihood (MLE), Restricted Maximum- Likelihood (RMLE) and the Weighted Least Square (WLS) in estimating the parameters of a single linear model in which the explanatory variable is also correlated with the autoregressive error terms. Using the models’ finite properties(mean square error) to measure the estimators’ performance, the results shows that OLS should be preferred when autocorrelation level is relatively mild (ρ = 0.3) and the PW, CC, RMLE, and MLE estimator will perform better with the presence of any level of AR (1) disturbance between 0.4 to 0.8 level, while WLS shows better performance at 0.9 level of autocorrelation and above. The study thus recommended the application of the various estimators considered to real-life data to affirm the results of this simulation study.

Open Access Original Research Article

The Equilibrium Renewal Burr XII Distribution: Properties and Applications

Abdulzeid Yen Anafo, Lewis Brew, Suleman Nasiru

Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics, Page 18-40
DOI: 10.9734/ajpas/2021/v15i230349

In this paper, we propose a three-parameter probability distribution called equilibrium renewal Burr XII distribution using the equilibrium renewal process. The statistical properties of the distribution such as moment, mean deviation, order statistics, moment generating function, Beforroni and Lorenz curve, survival function, reversed hazard rate and hazard function were derived. The method of maximum likelihood is used for estimating the distribution's parameters and a simulation study is conducted to assess the performance of the parameters. We provide two applications in eld of health to demonstrate the importance of the proposed distribution.